Our Purpose

We provide funding to “scholar entrepreneurs” with the mission of helping students launch a business before graduating.

Looking back, we know that during our time in school we were surrounded by tons of brilliant kids with amazing ideas who could have been wildly successful entrepreneurs if they had access to funding and support.  However, many of those kids simply got jobs after graduation because they were not able to create a startup on their own.  

The purpose of this new organization will provide the needed resources and mentorship to help current college students make their professional dreams a reality.  

Your Proposal

Whether you have business concept, mature business plan, or are already operating a start-up we are interested in helping you succeed!

  • Submit the proposal that best represents your business, and we will set up an introductory call if your proposal is accepted. 

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Meet our awesome team.

Built on everything we learned from Professional, Scholar Investing LLC is a fresh start that goes even further to help you get back to what matters.

Let’s do this!